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User webinars

15th September 2021

When executed well, a webinar provides an interesting, informative and engaging platform for new and existing users that will deliver really valuable communications to your target audience. It's a great way to raise awareness and give people an opportunity to ask questions and submit ideas/feedback. 

5 top tips on setting up a webinar 

1. Identify the purpose and target audience e.g. Are you raising awareness or providing an update? Do you have particular low usage across specific care providers/roles?

2. Agree agenda, presenters and date - try to give a minimum of six weeks' notice if possible. If presenters aren't available on the date, could they pre-record their session and you could show their video instead? How do you want to engage the audience - online polling, chat, Q&A session?

3. Promote the webinar - this is key, you will need to liase with communications leads across every target organisation. Be creative and try to use different online and in-person channels. 

4. Prepare for success - have regular progress meetings and book a dry run up to a week before with all presenters.  

5. Event day - make sure all presenters are online 30mins in case of technical hitches. Don't forget to issue a feedback form to measure how it went.

Helpful docs:
- Checklist
- Sample agenda
- Sample flyer
- Sample polling questions
- Sample staff interview questions
- Sample feedback form

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