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Shared Care Record Webinar: Adult Systems

16th May 2023, 10:00 to 11:00Virtual

Social workers benefit from a view of health information about the children and adults they are supporting day to day.  Similarly, health professionals benefit from knowing if social care are involved, who is involved, and what the headline issues are.

This data sharing helps both health professionals and social workers to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults.

In this webinar, Graphnet and Liquidlogic will discuss the links between shared care records and social care case management systems, for adult social care.

Providing real-time access to a single, secure shared care record, allows care professionals to communicate and collaborate safely and effectively across disciplines and organisations. Professionals working in hospital, community, primary care, and social care services can all have immediate access to the same up-to-date patient information. The Liquidlogic and Graphnet partnership supports both social care and health professionals to view shared care record data for a child or adult, including medication, risks and warnings, procedures, admissions and discharges alongside their social care data.

We would like to understand how this solution can be further enhanced and to demonstrate how this functionality can be used by existing Graphnet and Liquidlogic customers, that don’t yet benefit from shared care record integration.

Register for the event here: Shared Care Record Webinar: Adult Systems - Graphnet Health Limited


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