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Graphnet steps up the pace on harnessing the power of data for improved population health

26th September 2018

Graphnet is increasing the pace of its population health programme with the appointment of information specialist and economist Professor David Hughes as director of health information and analytics. David was previously executive director of information and analytics at NHS Digital.

Graphnet has already built a suite of business intelligence and analytics facilities onto its market-leading CareCentric shared record solution.  CareCentric integrates health and social care records from all care settings across a care community, creating single, detailed records for consented patients, which is used by authorised professionals for direct care. The business intelligence and analytics tools use anonymised and pseudonymised versions of the data to analyse the needs of the population and measure the outcomes and efficiency of care pathways.

David will be spearheading the company’s drive to help the NHS make appropriate use of this care community-wide data to improve people’s lives.  This is in line with the recent introduction of STPs, Integrated Care Systems and care record exemplars (LHCREs) – all NHS England policy initiatives which have put population health at the centre of the NHS modernisation programme. 

“At Graphnet I am going to be shaping our work to ensure that we address all aspects of the population health ‘triple aim’  - improving health outcomes,  driving cost efficiency and reducing waste, and improving the patient experience,” David commented.   “I want to bring established knowledge, customers, partners and stakeholders together to try and create new models for analysis and break new ground on system-wide care analytics,” he said.

The CareCentric shared record already covers about 13m citizens across England and drives a number of the country’s largest shared records including Manchester, Hampshire, Berkshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire and Buckinghamshire.  

Graphnet’s population health offering includes an intelligence platform for access to the CareCentric integrated care record data; visualisations for use as part of standard workflows; risk stratification tools which use advanced machine learning, statistical and mathematical models to actively forecast and monitor patients; a research platform and data mart to help reduce the time between new research and actionable insight.  Central to it all is integrated security, to ensure secure, controlled, role-based access to the analysis and data.

David has worked in a broad range of academic, government, private and third sector roles during a 25 year career in healthcare.

Graphnet chief executive, Brian Waters, said: “I am delighted to welcome David on board in this important role. The NHS is changing and a data-driven understanding of the needs of the population is essential to informing that change. As the NHS and social care delivers new models  of care we need to be able to monitor their impact on outcomes and on the service as a whole and all of us at Graphnet we want to be at the forefront of this work.”

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