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Pioneering shared record launches its next 10 years of growth

8th May 2018

The Care and Health Information Exchange (formerly known as the Hampshire Health Record) is adding ‘next generation’ functionality and expansion beyond the county borders as part of its next phase of growth.

CHIE is one of the country’s earliest and most established electronic record systems, established in 2003 and now sharing more than 87m documents between doctors, nurses, social workers and pharmacists across multiple care settings.

It is used over 90,000 times a month by health and social care professionals to provide them with better information at the point of care on around 2 million residents. 

Now the scope of the record has expanded beyond the Hampshire county borders to bring the benefits of record sharing to the 140,000 residents of the Isle of Wight.

Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, supported by South, Central and West CSU, have also put in place ambitious plans to develop CHIE so that it becomes much more than a record accessed by professional users. These include identifying patients at risk, clinical alerts, patient access and support for patient held apps, pathway management and much more. All this has been facilitated by a significant new upgrade to the latest version of Graphnet’s CareCentric software.

“There is no doubt this system is improving healthcare across Hampshire”, said Mark Kelsey, GP IT lead at Southampton CCG.  “By providing better information at the point of care, we have enabled improvements in the speed and quality of decision-making and in the quality of care, reduced unnecessary referrals and admissions and helped clinicians offer the most appropriate treatments.

“As well as improving the patient experience, these improvements create substantial efficiencies in services.” 

SCW CSU’s own outcomes analysis suggests that the shared record produces savings of millions of pounds each year. It is now embarking on a formal programme to analyse and quantify more precisely the benefits of CHIE. 

Last month the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, which is responsible for physical, mental and ambulance services on the island, and 16 local GP surgeries went live on CHIE, accessing the shared record from within their own patient management systems. Using single sign-on, Trust staff can look up local GP records at the touch of a button, plus any healthcare information about a patient that has been generated off the island at mainland Trusts.

Patients are benefiting from not having to repeat their care story to each care provider and their GP doctor has access to their integrated care record which also shows blood tests already carried out at hospital - reducing the need for patients to repeat tests. 

Dr Michele Legg, chair and clinical lead of the NHS Isle of Wight CCG, said: “Joining the CHIE is a major move forward for the Isle of Wight and Hampshire.  An integrated, unified, single view of clinical data will help care professional provide safer and faster care for the 140,000 residents across the island.”

The project is now moving onto phase 2, which includes feeding information from the island’s Trust patient management system to the CHIE.   

This next step will mean if a patient is referred to the mainland for specialist treatment, clinicians and nurses across Hampshire can review their health record at the point of care for previous healthcare received on the island.  

Beverley Bryant, chief operating officer at the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, commented: “Our 15 years’ experience with Hampshire has been fundamental to developing our understanding of shared care records and how they are used. We are delighted that this programme continues to move forward apace.“