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The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust selects Graphnet's CareCentric as its core electronic patient record

7th September 2015

The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (RBCH) has selected Graphnet’s CareCentric software as its core electronic patient record system throughout the 600 bed Trust. The system will be used for a wide range of functions including the construction of electronic forms and pathways and as a clinical portal.

The new CareCentric deployment will be fully integrated with the solution already deployed at neighbouring Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Poole has already standardised on CareCentric and is using the software as its core electronic patient record system across all specialties. As well as being used by most hospital clinicians and clerical staff, it is also accessed by clinical networks, GP practices, social services, community teams and community hospitals across Dorset, with over 10,000 users across the county.

This RBCH contract establishes a new blueprint for IT solutions designed to facilitate cross-border collaboration. RBCH and Poole, which share a common IT department, will be working on the same instance of CareCentric so that clinicians will be able to access the combined records for all patients from locations across Dorset.

There is significant cross-Trust movement of patients and clinicians between the two trusts: maternity and gerontology services are centred in Poole, for example, with orthopaedics in RBCH; other specialties, such as epilepsy services, are county-based. A shared single patient record, which can be accessed and updated by clinicians across both Trusts, will make these flows safer and more efficient.

Peter Gill, director of informatics at RBCH, said: "We have chosen CareCentric because we are looking to develop a really rich electronic record system for the 550,000 patients in our catchment and to integrate ourselves more closely with services provided across the area.

"The Graphnet software gives us the flexibility to build in numerous feeds, from clinical systems in use at our Trust, as well as embedded links out to other systems used across the wider health economy".

"We can also use the electronic form-building capability within CareCentric to design our own specialist clinical pathways and drive best practice."

The Poole CareCentric instance already accepts automated feeds from numerous local systems. Patient information automatically fed in to the record includes PAS activity and outcomes, pathology results, radiology reports, GP referral letters, A&E discharge information, neurophysiology results, medical photography and cardio respiratory results.

Additional feeds will be added for RBCH. New links to Sunquest’s order communications software, for example, will be embedded in CareCentric so clinicians can access the software at a key stroke and without having to leave the patient record.

Poole already has embedded Kainos Evolve electronic document management software within CareCentric, and this facility will be available to staff working at RBCH. In addition, CareCentric will provide embedded access to a number of other clinical systems, such as the Somerset Cancer Registry.

In Poole, CareCentric holds over 65m documents for 1.7m patients and this information represents a primary source of information for clinicians, with peak daily access volumes of around 14,000.

Poole has also built a large number of specialist clinical solutions around the EPR using CareCentric’s electronic form building capability.

Graphnet director Andy Bratt said the company was delighted to have signed up Bournemouth as an EPR client. "The market is moving rapidly towards systems that work across health economies supporting new models of care. Having independent neighbouring trusts working from a single EPR is a significant step forward."


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