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Wolverhampton CCG uses Graphnet CareCentric to deliver improved diabetes services

14th February 2014

Wolverhampton CCG is using Graphnet’s CareCentric product suite to deliver a diabetes management system for the 16,500 people in its area with diabetes.

The CCG is working with The Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust to ensure clinicians in the hospital diabetic centre and in primary care services have a complete and up-to-date picture of a patient’s on-going care. This process will empower patients to be engaged with professionals across the health economy and enable them to agree their own personalised care plan.

Wolverhampton is also using CareCentric’s new business intelligence solution to analyse and risk stratify data collected and combined from GP practices and the NHS Trust.

The CCG’s aim is to create a seamless diabetic service across all healthcare providers and the local authority, delivering more efficient and patient-centred care.

Under the diabetes project, CareCentric is being used to extract specific data items from over 40 GP practices, all of which feed data into The Royal Wolverhampton Trust’s Diabeta 3 system. Clinicians are now able to access a full and up to date picture of a patient’s clinical results, including blood pressure history, HBA1c blood glucose, cholesterol and creatinine levels. They are also able to monitor whether foot risk assessments and retinopathy screening have been conducted and recorded correctly within the patient record.

CareCentric BI is used to analyse and display the data in dashboards, enabling targeted care across all providers. A locally-developed algorithm produces a list of risk-stratified patients. CareCentric applies this  algorithm to its data stores and displays the results in a series of web-based dashboards.

Data integration across multiple solutions, data quality management and ease of use in the final product were key features in the choice of the CareCentric solution.

Mike Hastings, Head of Business and Performance Management at Wolverhampton CCG, said: "By combining primary and secondary care data in this way we can see myriad opportunities to improve the health and well-being of patients, particularly those with long term conditions such as diabetes."       

"By working with Graphnet, we have been able to convert the information we have available to us into a rich asset which informs the delivery of more efficient and focused services.”

Andy Bratt, managing director of Graphnet, said he was delighted to see such a clear example of the benefits available from CareCentric’s full functionality. It operates both as a health integration engine, bringing data together from multiple sources, and as a business intelligence tool.

“CareCentric is an ideal platform to host shared care applications,” he said. “Not only does it allow results and assessments to be shared across an entire health community, but it also allows health professionals to analyse and apply that data intelligently.”

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