Graphnet Newsletter July 2021

A message from our CEO Brian Waters
After an eventful year, the landscape is rapidly changing with the acceleration of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), the opportunities created by Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and a focus on patient engagement and care at home. As we move to ‘reset’ and recovery mode, pressures on services and A&E are at record levels, referral rates for serious conditions are too low and the ability to target care at those most in need is paramount. As ICSs form and potentially take on a statutory footing they will need to be shaped by analysis of comprehensive data on the populations they serve. New challenges lie ahead such as addressing waiting lists, understanding the full spectrum of mental health issues, creating innovative new care pathways and workflows transforming care focusing on population health and prevention.

In order to provide high quality and secure services and continue to roll out new functionality we are currently recruiting a wide variety of new posts across the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance. It is very important for all of us that we get the best people we can to continue working alongside you in making a difference across health and care.

A particular area of focus for us will be enabling, capturing and documenting proven use cases so they can be shared and implemented quickly across other regions, making a vital difference to the citizens we support.

This newsletter will share updates, news and best practice. If you have any questions or want to find out more about the topics in this newsletter, please get in touch with your account manager or email


CIPHA update

The NHS CIPHA programme supports health and care systems across the country develop understand and improve their population’s health by providing the insights which help them target actions, measure impact and transform services.

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Product news

Latest updates on our population health solution supporting pulse oximetry monitoring at home and tackling waiting lists. The development of CareCentric functionality and new features and our PHR latest updates and use cases.

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Customer news

Welcome to new care communities and progress updates on deployments underway.

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User groups

Thank you to those who attended our recent user groups. There are a number of CCUE webinars and population health huddles coming up, plus a date for our next National User Group (NUG).

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Find out about our latest events, including a Digital Health webinar looking at The GM Care Record one year on and two Healthcare Partnership Network (HPN) events.

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In other news

Thought leadership: read our senior team’s thoughts on the path towards transformation within health and social care.

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