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Read our senior team’s thoughts on the path towards transformation within health and social care

The Liquidlogic, System C & Graphnet blueprint for delivering the white paper vision for health and social care integration – By David Grigsby, managing director, Liquidlogic

Health and care white paper – is it different this time?

Aspiring to achieve health and social care integration is nothing new, but this time the ambition in the health and care white paper does seem to be different. Perhaps the Covid effect is playing a part, but if the proposed policies are translated into legislation, they will have more teeth than those that came before them and it finally feels like progress is being made.

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Data has to be at the heart of the recovery and the reorganisation - By Brian Waters, chief executive of Graphnet Health

The UK health and care system is rapidly planning and organising for a return to a world where traditional priorities come back fully into focus, alongside an acceptance that covid is probably here to stay. In the short term at least, there will be no “business as usual”.

The system is confronted with the awful task of waiting list prioritisation on an unprecedented scale. This is taking place against a backdrop of the reorganisation of services across whole Integrated Care Systems, soon to be given a statutory footing.

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Shifting IG perspectives: from blocker to enabler – By Sarah da Silva-Steer, director of information governance & data protection officer for System C & Graphnet Care Alliance

If you work in healthcare, it is often the case that the mere mention of information governance (IG) can provoke a shudder, and not in a good way.

On the one hand, there is widespread understanding of how important confidentiality, privacy and information security is. The shared care record systems we deploy at Graphnet hold extremely valuable and confidential patient information and it is essential that this information is cared for and managed correctly.  Having the right IG systems and structures in place is paramount.  As many in the NHS have discovered, a project will fail unless it can provide cast-iron reassurance that patient data is secure and managed appropriately.

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