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Key features and benefits

Key features:

  • Supports teams, directories, presence and duty status
  • Enables patient identified discussion and share information that is available in the patient record
  • Enables team management and sharing of patient lists
  • Supports role based, continuous handover
  • Enables patient referrals between care teams
  • Provide patient identified and team-based task management
  • Enables secure sharing of files, images and videos
  • Provides instant messaging with read and receipt
  • Provides a publish-subscribe system to push patient event notifications to individuals and teams

CareFlow Connect is accessible by Web, Native iOS and Android apps.


CareFlow Connect facilitates team-based care coordination through a secure, integrated, networking platform.

  • Stops valuable time being wasted in inefficient communication. Instead, time is spent efficiently and productively with colleagues and patients/citizens
  • Real-time alerts support cross-organisational collaboration e.g. a care worker could ask to be alerted if a citizen attends A&E, is admitted, discharged or deteriorates
  • Improves workflow by simply allowing care givers to communicate, share and discuss their patients/citizens. The results: reduced admissions, faster discharge, improved health outcomes and improved patient/citizen satisfaction
  • Fully integrated with electronic patient records and social care systems (including System C Medway, Graphnet CareCentric and Liquidlogic)
  • By linking to existing IT systems, CareFlow provides a full view of the communication history and a robust audit trail
  • Adds value to IT investments such as community systems, shared records and mobile devices
  • Hosted in the Cloud, therefore no need to upgrade and support expensive hardware and no worries about operating systems, security patches or server licenses
  • Enables mobile working, easier collaboration, and patient empowerment tools.