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Care pathways

A care pathway is a multi-disciplinary care management tool based on care plans for patients whereby the different tasks or interventions by the professionals involved in the individual's care (e.g. GPs, community teams, social workers etc.) can be optimised, co-ordinated and centred around the individual.

Used as part of the CareCentric solution as a whole, our care pathways support clinicians and care professionals in their decision making by giving them access to a wealth of integrated care data, presented in meaningful views applicable to their role, complemented by an easy and intuitive user interface, which allows for true multi-disciplinary working in real-time.

CareCentric pathways are tailored to suit a wide range of requirements, including condition management, end of life preferences, assessments, correspondence, for example:

  • Shared care records are being used to deliver Covid remote monitoring services to patients in their home under the pulse oximetry @home / virtual ward programmes. 

  • CareCentric's End of Life pathway is developed specifically to provide a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of palliative and end of life care services. 

  • Our integrated care plan gives authorised professionals immediate, on-the-spot access to the records of patients identified as being at risk of unscheduled or unplanned care e.g. our frailty solution provides care teams with the ability to assess, monitor and manage frail individuals including any frailty scores and concerns. The plan is updated in real time, and so provides a single up-to-date record which can be shared across a whole health community.

  • Heart Failure Care Plans support care teams assess, monitor and manage patients living with heart failure.

  • Our Frailty Management provides the ability to proactively assess, monitor and manage frail individuals and enables care teams from across the care community to create, view and contribute to plans, assessments, contacts and other key information in real-time.


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