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Docobo DOC@HOME 

Docobo’s remote monitoring solutions support integrated care systems to provide appropriate, targeted management of patients at home which, in turn, helps reduce demand on organisations across the care community.

DOC@HOMETM has been transforming the delivery of care for a number of years and is widely used at home by patients living with long-term conditions, care home residents and to support virtual ward initiatives.

Simple to use, digital data collection of relevant information (e.g., blood pressure, oximetry readings, mood details, etc.) means the solution is accessible to a broad range of people. Methods include tailored questionnaires, wearables and monitoring devices, as well as provision of a Class IIa Medical Device for those not familiar with IT/Apps.

Data is then shared with care teams supporting remote monitoring, complemented by intelligent alerting when, for example, observations recorded are out of personalised baseline ranges. The data provided will be made available in real-time within:

With DOC@HOME, text and video messaging between clinicians and patients for remote consultation is also made possible, reducing the demand for home visits and freeing up valuable clinician time.

DOC@HOME, used alongside the CareCentric suite of solutions, provides a range of efficiency and cost-saving benefits, as well as improving outcomes:

  • Provides more personalised and proactive care to patients at home
  • Supports early and more targeted identification of risks / deteriorations
  • Helps prevent unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Enables supported discharge to help reduce length of hospital stay
  • Focuses on providing care when and where needed
  • Reduces demand across all services, including community and primary care
  • Supports the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) programme


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