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Data Driven Change: Proactively managing patients beyond the surgery

31 January 2023

Dr Bharan Kumar is a primary care network director, managing partner of a group of general practices, care home lead for Slough and Population Health Clinical Lead for Frimley Integrated Care Board. His passion lies in the application of digital technology to enhance and transform the world of general practice into a sustainable model which achieves consistently high outcomes for patients.

Population health management and shared care technologies are enabling GPs to take the lead on their patients’ care beyond the surgery, ensuring they are accessing the right care, at the right time, in the right place. Bharan and his team have already achieved significant successes from substantial improvements in long term condition outcomes in poorly performing practices to helping alleviate pressures on A&E departments, contacting and redirecting patients whilst they wait.  

On 1 March, we are delighted Bharan is taking some time out of his busy schedule to share more details. Focussing on practical application and real-life impact, the session will be informative and inspiring, with plenty of time for discussion and demonstrations of the tools in use.

Bharan has also been invited to speak at Rewired 2023, the industry’s event of the year, which is co-headline sponsored by the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance.

In the run-up to both events, we asked Bharan to tell us a bit more about himself.

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Dr Bharan Kumar, GP Lead, Clinical Lead - Population Health for NHS Frimley Integrated Care System

What does being a GP, and working in the NHS, mean to you?

Despite the frequent long hours and time pressures of general practice, there is no greater honour or privilege than sitting in that GP chair day in day out. Working in the NHS fills me with nothing but overwhelming pride. For me, being a GP begins and ends with continuity of care. It’s getting to know, understand and connect with your patients over a lifetime.

What has been the most exciting data / digital project you’ve been involved in?

Reducing A&E attendances through the use of Connected Care. This was innovation at its greatest - a totally novel concept never used before in the NHS. We ran it with such excitement and thirst for positive results, which we got! Not only was there a reduction in A&E attendances but the process facilitated a strengthening in the bond between patients and primary care.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I used to sit on the Heathrow community engagement board as a non-executive director.