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How Graphnet can help

With more than 30 years of industry experience, our data solutions are helping to revolutionise patient care by addressing key challenges in healthcare delivery.

Through our innovative PHITA approach, we are helping identify cohorts of patients who require proactive support, breaking down barriers between healthcare organisations with seamless case management, ensuring the entire care team has access to pertinent information, facilitating online interaction between patients and clinicians, and implementing remote monitoring technology for continuous care in the comfort of patients’ homes.

These integrated healthcare solutions are driving improved outcomes, enhanced patient satisfaction, and delivering greater efficiency across the healthcare system.

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PHITA: Data Solutions to Transform Healthcare 

Population Health Insights To Actions or PHITA is a population health solution which combines analytics and population health insights, workflow, shared care records, patient access, data collection and remote patient monitoring into a single end to end solution. This allows insights to be converted to actions and for outcomes to be monitored in real time so that success can be measured. 



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What is PHITA?

  • We are the UK’s most experienced population health provider with 30+ years of experience in digital health innovation and PHITA is the foundation of our solution.
  • PHITA is the only UK system that can support health and care providers throughout their entire population health management journey – from identifying patients in need and enabling proactive plans with trackable outcomes, to caring for them at home using remote monitoring.
  • PHITA is unique as it brings analytics, shared care record, remote monitoring, PHR, research, and workflow/data capture tools together into a single, proven, integrated population health system.
  • Using PHITA provides benefits to the NHS and acute care by reducing waiting lists, freeing up beds and keeping people safe and comfortable in their own homes. However, it goes far beyond that. It helps tackle the biggest societal challenges, such as fuel poverty, diabetes, and frailty, by providing intelligence, which transforms outcomes for the entire population. 

Our Software Solutions

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Population Health

Population Health

Population Health

Identifying cohorts for proactive care

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Remote Monitoring

Remote Patient Management

Remote Monitoring

Health monitoring at home

Shared Care Concept Web

Shared Care

Integrated Care Systems

Shared Care

Supporting over 20 million patients

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Patient Apps

Social Care

Patient Apps

Providing access to patients

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Care Planning

Care Modules

Care Planning

Supporting patient engagement


11 June 2024

NHS Greater Manchester strengthens shared care record capability with digital care plans and ‘My GM Care’ patient app

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14 May 2024

Shared care record is helping Black Country protect vulnerable adults and children – by providing key information instantly.

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26 March 2024

Frimley Health & Care's Connected Care team and its partners win silver in 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards

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22 March 2024

Diabetes prehab service using population health tech reports benefits, including drops in blood sugar levels, BMI and weight.

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Featured Case Studies

Shutterstock 2220836443 (1)

28 February 2024

Cheshire & Merseyside uses population health tools to support those most at risk of fuel poverty

Looking at how patients with medical conditions made worse by the cold were identified and supported with Cheshire & Mersey's fuel poverty programme.

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Pregnant woman

24 November 2023

How lessons learned during Covid-19 are helping Cheshire & Merseyside address equity and equality in maternity care

Examining the positive outcomes of proactively addressing health inequalities in pregnant women. Cheshire & Merseyside is using data to target those most in need of support and guidance by using a multi disciplinary approach.

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Hands Holding Home Copy

12 July 2023

Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System uses remote monitoring in care homes to ensure enhanced outcomes for residents

Reducing avoidable GP visits whilst ensuring those in care homes are monitored and treated safely. Frimley Health & Care Integrated Care System share how their implementation of a remote monitoring service has positively impacted GPs and care home residents.

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Frimley Case Study

08 June 2023

Frimley Integrated Care System uses segmentation and remote monitoring to reduce hospital and GP visits for high risk patients

Using population health data to identify high risk patients, Frimley Integrated Care System has reduced the burden on primary care teams by introducing a remote monitoring solution by proactively targeting those in need within the community.

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Stethoscope With Heart

14 February 2022

Bolton care community digitally access GP correspondence for the first time thanks to shared care records

Saving time by securely sharing GP letters to patients within the shared care record across approved health and social care teams within the region. GPs across Bolton are joining up multi disciplinary teams to speed up decision making.

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