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PHITA: Transforming Health

We have used our 30+ years of experience in digital health innovation to create Population Health Insights To Actions (PHITA), a unique end-to-end population health system that provides preventative and proactive care. It has been proven to support the NHS, local authorities, and social care and to produce better patient outcomes, increase efficiency, streamline healthcare delivery, and reduce costs.  

PHITA is unique as it brings together analytics, shared care record, remote monitoring, PHR, research and workflow/data capture tools to provide proactive care. Used as one integrated system, it provides health and care providers with the insights, action, and outcome analytics they need to make meaningful, long-lasting healthcare transformation a reality.  

It is the only UK solution that can support health and care systems throughout their entire population health management journey, enabling early intervention, prevention, and proactive care. The rich insights gained from PHITA allow health and care providers to identify the patients most in need, make proactive plans and decisions with tangible, trackable results, and keep people out of hospital by caring for them in the comfort of their own homes.  


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