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Clinical Safety

Graphnet Health is committed to safety and has a designated Clinical Safety Team that are aligned with the requirements of NHS Digital’s Clinical Risk Management Standards. The Team provides assurance across the Graphnet  platform and are engaged in the full product lifecycle including design, development and sign off of new products. This process ensures that both the desired outcomes of our clients  are met, as well as conforming with governance of the national standards relating to risk and safety.

Our Clinical Safety officers are current, registered clinicians with extensive experience who also undertake the required NHS Digital Clinical Risk Management Training. The Clinical Safety Team are responsible for all elements of Risk Management, including adherence to the DCB0129 standards, mandated by NHS Digital. This requires all manufacturers of healthcare software to put in place appropriate systems to assess, monitor and respond to all aspects of safety relating to their products. As such risk assessments and safety analysis are routinely performed, ensuring that appropriate mitigations are applied, and offering assurance to customers and users that software meets  functional requirements in a safe manner.

Reviewing compliance determines that the product is safe for use and any risks are mitigated, ensuring that systems are used safely in a clinical environment. This is a collaborative process with the team meeting with the deploying organisation where any issues or concerns can be reviewed and resolved. The team here also review all internal and customer-based requests to ensure that the requested features or changes are appropriate and advise the design teams as necessary. 

Clinical safety is deeply embedded in Graphnet’s culture. This key focus on patient care enables the delivery of high-quality solutions and optimises the experience of both the care professional and also the patient/citizen.