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Prioritisation & Action

Demands on NHS services are at a record high, with waiting lists and patient satisfaction a key measure for ICSs. Identifying patients most in need of support can be overwhelming but using our population health platform to do this and subsequently, implementing plans to support priority cases makes the task of prioritisation and action clearer.

Remote monitoring is often preferred by patients as an alternative to regular GP or hospital visits. Benefits for patients include staying at home, remaining independent and taking more control of their health. This also frees up appointments and even hospital stays, making face to face appointments a priority for those most in need.

Using population health data to identify those who would benefit from remote monitoring can be done both at scale and even down to practice level.


Data from the population health platform is used to drive actions including the establishment of new care pathways to treat and monitor target patient cohorts, such as those with or at risk of diabetes or higher-risk pregnancies using recordings directly from patients into the remote monitoring platform.

Patients meeting criteria specified by the ICB are monitored at home with results flowing back into the population health platform. This provides another rich source of information for ICS analytics and gives an even more comprehensive understanding of their citizens, their needs, and any gaps in the services that they’re providing.