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Care Plans

Graphnet's Care Plans tool is fully integrated within the shared care record. Graphnet Care Plans improve management, care and support across care communities for people with long term conditions, complex needs and those approaching end of life.

Graphnet Care Plans App

Graphnet Shared Care operates at many levels from an integrated record viewer to a complete cross-organisational assessment and care planning solution.

Graphnet's Care Plans facilitate:

  • The creation of an Integrated Care & Support Plan (including "About Me" details, goal tracking and contingency planning).
  • The recording of key personal and professional contact details, including main carer; lasting power of attorney; as well as care coordinator and other professionals involved.
  • Uploading of relevant images and supporting care planning documents such as ReSPECT.
  • Recording of MDT meeting actions and outcomes.
  • The recording of lifestyle & environment details, including communication, mobility & transport, access & environment, carers & social information.

Create care plans effectively with integrated data

Graphnet Shared Care supports assessments, data collection, workflow and notifications across care communities. By bringing together data from across primary, secondary, community, social and mental health care, different health professionals can make informed decisions and care can be planned and integrated effectively around the patient and tailored for their individual needs.  

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