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End of Life: Electronic Palliative Care Coordination Systems (EPACCs)

The Graphnet End of Life solution is developed specifically to provide a co-ordinated approach to the delivery of palliative and end of life care services. It can be used by health and social care providers working across the NHS and social services to co-ordinate care in the last year of a patient’s life. Clinicians, care staff, patients and their carers can jointly plan end of life care, with the security of knowing that up-to-date information, assessments and records are available to authorised users where and whenever they need them.

Our EPaCCS Record offers a staged approach to end of life planning. Each stage builds on the information gathered in the last, ensuring that the person’s wishes are intuitively recorded and can be shared and respected as they progress towards the end of life. 

A single end of life care coordination system


Graphnet's End of Life system can be embedded in most existing systems, meaning that many health and social care users will be able to access the Graphnet Shared Care end of life record directly from their own computer records. The system works using single sign-on and using patient context, for example: a GP using EMIS Web, a hospital doctor using iPM or an out of hours clinician using Adastra, could all call the record directly from their own systems without having to sign on to a new system or re-select the patient.

This allows health communities to create an end of life register, it builds a care record for patients in their last year of life and makes it available in real time to authorised users across the care community. The electronic record is available to all approved staff when and where it is needed. Known data such as allergies and adverse drug reactions can be pulled through from local systems automatically and end-of-life specific details can be entered once and shared amongst all those involved in the care of that patient. By improving communications between the patient and service providers, including in and out of hours services it makes the patient wishes clear and accessible to all, more patients die in their preferred place of care and there is less distress for patient and family.

End of Life key features

  • GPs and other authorised users are able to register a patient and create an end of life record for that patient
  • Graphnet Shared Care fully interacts with primary care systems and will automatically pull through key clinical data such as demographics, current medications, allergies and adverse drug reactions from GP systems
  • The system collects end of life data such as health and social care teams, carers, care plans, prognosis and preferred place of death
  • Any changes and new information feed immediately through to the record. This gives all authorised users immediate access to up to date and complete records
  • Ambulance staff are able to identify people with end of life plans prior to despatch
  • Graphnet can send automated alerts to specified people and teams for key events
  • Enables reporting and analysis on the people with end of life plans and on the effectiveness of their management

End of Life Benefits

  • Encourages early identification of patients approaching end of life and empowers patients to have choices regarding their care
  • Encourages partnership working
  • Creates an end of life data store which enables accurate audit of costs and effectiveness of service provision
  • Embedding Graphnet Shared Care within other operational systems makes it fast and easy to use

To learn more about our EPACCs offering, get in touch with our team today.