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Graphnet respects the environment and as a responsible employer, we encourage our staff to do the same. We are a signatory member of the Network Net Zero community and have made a commitment to 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 and Net Zero no later than 2045.

Tackling climate change is of great consequence to Graphnet and our people and we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our emissions alongside our staff, customers and suppliers. Our solutions deliver tangible environmental benefits including reducing the environmental burden of care by promoting earlier intervention and preventive action, reducing unnecessary duplication of treatments, reducing patient travel and driving digital transformation. 

How do Graphnet solutions help the environment?

  • Paper reduction: our solutions are designed to help customers become paper-free or paper-lite. Replacing paper with electronic records for patient processing (between outpatients and returns to practice) and paramedic handover to A&E (removing requirement for yellow sheets). This enables customers to minimise the need for medical records libraries, therefore reducing their need to store and dispose of paper-based records; and in doing so our solution suite is helping create a greener NHS.
  • Reducing plastic: CareCentric reduces unnecessary blood tests through better management of scheduled care and information sharing. A 20% volume reduction in testing would lead to 2 million metric tonnes reduction in plastic consumption per annum.
  • Travel reduction: by improving management of patient waiting lists and hospital admissions and reducing unnecessary care provider visits, the CareCentric solution will help to minimise the emissions from staff, patient, and visitor travel.
  • Planning sustainable pathways: Graphnet has worked with the Sustainable Healthcare Coalition to embed environmental impact information into the CareCentric Population Health Analytics Platform. Customers using the platform are able to analyse pathways, and develop aggregated evaluation reporting at system, place and operational levels to inform quality improvement work and performance against environmental targets, supporting development of "greener pathways".

What policies are in place to support the environment?

  • Business travel: we encourage employees to limit travel using digital tools such as video conferencing where possible or staying in close proximity to customer sites or offices where in person presence is required. 
  • Offices: our office lights and equipment are turned off when not in use to limit energy use and we have committed to working to encourage use of renewable energy sources where viable.
  • Employee commuting: we offer the Government backed Cycle to Work initiative and an Electric Car Scheme to promote healthier journeys to work and reduce environmental pollution.
  • Waste generation: we recycle equipment where possible (including mobile phones, printer ink cartridges etc) and ensure that recycling facilities are made available to office-based staff.