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Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System uses remote monitoring in care homes to ensure enhanced outcomes for residents

12 July 2023

Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System (ICS) is offering a remote monitoring service to all care homes with impressive feedback:  demonstrating a reduction in waiting time for clinical access, reducing avoidable GP visits to the homes, gathering and providing vital information for clinical decision making, speeding up access to clinicians, upskilling staff and providing enhanced outcomes for residents.

This successful remote monitoring project forms part of the Connected Care programme in Frimley, where Docobo’s DOC@HOME® remote monitoring solution seamlessly integrates with Graphnet’s Shared Care Record, enabling health and care professionals to access patient information from acute trusts, primary and community providers, clinical monitoring hubs and ambulance providers. 

The Connected Care team at Frimley ICS has made use of population health tools and remote monitoring since the start of the  Covid pandemic, and have since expanded into remote monitoring in care homes and a focus on monitoring those with long term conditions. or a combination of complex conditions

The team has worked with Docobo, Graphnet, Berkshire Primary Care and East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours (OOH) to implement Docobo’s remote monitoring solution where it is integrated into the shared care record.

Care home staff there can take residents’ readings - such as blood pressure and blood oxygen - and record symptoms and soft sign feedback via DOC@HOME, with the data being made available to a clinical monitoring hub – run by either Berkshire Primary Care or East Berkshire Primary Care Out of Hours (OOH). This has proved to reduce avoidable GP visits to the home, while enabling teams to monitor residents in their usual environment and reduce workload for primary care teams.

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