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Frimley ICS and Graphnet in The Times

27 November 2023

On Saturday 25 November, NHS Frimley Health and Care ICS and Graphnet were featured in The Times. Health editor, Kat Lay, interviewed Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, Sam Burrows; Chief Medical Officer, Dr Lalitha Iyer; and GP, Clinical Director, SHAPE PCN and Clinical Lead Population Health, Dr Bharan Kumar.

They had an interesting and in-depth discussion about how Frimley is using data to transform patient care, including identifying and supporting those most in need before they hit crisis point.

Sam Burrows was quoted saying, they are “supercharging” their approach to prevention.

“If the NHS only sees patients when they become so sick that they have to be seen, it will run out of beds, staff and money very quickly,” he said. “That’s why traditionally we’ve invested in prevention [...] things like public health, and trying to get people to stop smoking, and eat better, and exercise more.

“Those are all great and we have to keep doing [them]. But they take 30 years before they actually give you any change in terms of what happens to how the resource is consumed.”

NHS Frimley’s approach “allows us to create that change almost overnight”, he said.

The full article can be read here: High-tech NHS trust aims to transform patients’ care with data (