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Graphnet & Docobo get behind NHS goal to provide better care at home as remote patient monitoring pioneer joins the fold - Graphnet Health Ltd

11 November 2021

Graphnet Health today revealed that the business has acquired care at home specialist, Docobo, and will be integrating its DOC@HOMETM remote patient monitoring system into its CareCentric population health platform and other Care Alliance solutions.

The addition of the Docobo App will enable the Care Alliance to help Integrated Care Systems, Trusts, the wider NHS and councils meet their long-term goals of preventing avoidable hospital admissions, supporting people to better manage their own care at home, and joining up health and social care. Docobo also supports virtual wards and care homes.

The Docobo App is the market leader in care at home platforms, supporting tens of thousands of people across the UK. Its digital remote patient management system DOC@HOME enables clinicians and carers to deliver better care, helps patients to be more aware of their conditions and improves self-management.

DOC@HOME comprises of a web-based clinician’s portal, which allows patients to send information via a range of options, including their computer, or an app that they can download to their smartphone or tablet. It can service all conditions, including respiratory, cardiac, diabetes, motor neurone disease, cancer symptom management and post treatment monitoring. There is also the ability to link wearable devices, configure patient assessment questionnaires, switch on alerting functions, and organise text and video messaging between clinicians and patients.

Another important part of Docobo’s technology portfolio is the Docobo CAREPORTALTM. This has been designed for patients without access to or experience of using computers or smart phones. Easy to use and hold, it includes a built-in cardiorespiratory monitoring device to capture ECG and breathing rate.

Docobo Managing Director, Adrian Flowerday commented:


We are delighted to be joining the Care Alliance. With hospital waiting lists over 5.5 million, and trusts under increasing pressure as a result, remotely managing chronic patients with long term conditions at home and proactively responding to deterioration in a community setting has never been more imperative. Community staff shortages mean that digitally enabled self-monitoring by patients is the only solution to efficiently manage those cohorts. The Docobo technology will allow the Care Alliance to help those individuals live happier, healthier, more independent lives for longer, and ease the pressure on the people caring for them.


Graphnet Chief Executive, Brian Waters added:

Understanding those patients who are the right cohorts for remote monitoring is essential to ensure the savings and benefits. To achieve that, we will be fully integrating DOC@HOME with Graphnet’s CareCentric population health platform, which means we will be able to prepare lists of candidate patients suitable for being cared for at home. Docobo will then help manage the care of those individuals. DOC@HOME data will flow back through CareCentric, providing another rich source of information for ICS analytics, and giving an even more comprehensive understanding of their citizens, their needs, and any gaps in the services that they’re providing.


Founded by Adrian Flowerday, Docobo has been delivering innovation in health and care technology since September 2001 and has grown to 50+ employees. Adrian realised that remote monitoring of patients suffering with chronic conditions would improve their quality of life and reduce demand on hospital services. He set up Docobo to develop this approach, which the company has been investing in ever since.