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Graphnet Health achieves conformance against the About Me Standard

05 July 2023

We are pleased to announce that Graphnet Health, a supplier of a shared care record solution, CareCentric, has now been recognised as a PRSB Conformant Partner, against our About Me Standard. The standard helps people to share information that supports more person-centred care with health and care professionals.

Standards form the basis of all Graphnet’s work, given the nature of their services – both in terms of interoperability between systems, and shared data sets across health and social care communities. Achieving conformance with ‘About Me’ was key to ensuring that they remain compliant with the recognised standard for person-centred care, and that the individual’s needs, concerns and wishes are reflected as a crucial part of the care management process.

Achieving this milestone will also help Graphnet meet the needs of their stakeholders as the ‘About Me’ standard defines the key information that should be captured in care records, using a simple format that is easily accessible for all involved in the individual’s care. At the same time, it allows the person to contribute directly to the planning of their own care.

The team at Graphnet found the conformance assessment process to be clearly explained, collaborative, and pragmatic. They also appreciated the supportive approach with a mutual discussion on the reasoning for some of our decisions and suggestions made by our assessment team.

As the standard is already in use by many of the company’s customers, minor changes that have been implemented as part of the compliance process will be deployed to all sites through their release and upgrade process.

Ian Denley, CEO at Graphnet Health, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded the PRSB Quality Mark, and to have achieved such a high level of compliance. It is tantamount to the effort put in by the team at Graphnet to ensure that we’re holding ourselves and our solutions to the highest possible standard. This the first step on our journey with PRSB. We are looking forward to working with them on other standards and accreditations very soon.”

Rebecca Hughes, Director of Partner Solutions at PRSB, added: “Graphnet Health has demonstrated a culture of organisational leadership and a clear understanding of the importance of quality-of-care standards. This was evident during the conformance process, demonstrating their commitment to the standard and to safe patient care. They should be warmly congratulated.”

To find out more about becoming conformant against our standards, please visit: