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National Immunisation Management System retires on a high after processing 279 million vaccination events since 2020.

08 September 2023

The National Immunisation Management System (NIMS), provided by Graphnet Health and System C in partnership with NHS South Central and West Commissioning Support Unit was retired at the end of August 2023. This was a result of NHS England deciding to build their own solution in-house.

During its time as England’s national vaccination service, NIMS processed over 279 million vaccination events. That involved Graphnet Health sending a staggering 437,146,870 emails, letters, and SMS vaccine invitations. Furthermore, 89 different Trusts and organisations used the NIMS WebApp, an integral part of NIMS, enabling the immuniser to record the details of the vaccine administered directly to the system.  It also handled over a billion API requests from third party systems such as EMIS and TPP. 

NIMS was built on System C’s children’s vaccination service, CarePLUS, which manages child health for over 50% of English children, and Graphnet’s industry-leading population health system and shared record data integration technology, both of which have been developed and refined over the past 20 years. The system was configured and went live in just two months.

The IT system was launched in November 2020, then successfully used over the next three years to manage the vaccination programme for Covid, flu and MMR across England. Based on a single data store holding vaccination records for more than 60 million people, the service provided call and recall functionality for vaccine appointments, and reporting and analysis, combined with a host of ancillary functions.

Graphnet Health Executive Chairman, Ian Denley said:

“Our team did a superb job setting up and running England’s national vaccination service over the course of three years. It was a huge undertaking, and we are very proud of our delivery record. We wish NHS England the best with developing and rolling out their in-house solution. Graphnet will now be investing its time and energy into the main company objective of delivering a truly transformational population health, analytics, shared care record, remote monitoring, and care co-ordination programme.”