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Brian Waters 1

Don’t leave pop health to the data scientists

7 May 2019

This is a watershed moment for population health management in the UK.

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JonathanBloor May 2018 2

Digital Health: What's the Point?

19 March 2019

Digital technologies can, and do, save lives and improve efficiency. Conversely, they can, and...

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Is the NHS heading for EPR-related burnout?

3 October 2018

The mainstream US medical literature is full of articles about physician burnout. Much of this is...

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Beverley Bryant head shot

What difference is ‘digital’ making to your health and care?

11 September 2018

New technology is already changing the way care services are looking after the people of Greater...

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Calling time-out on WhatsApp: The need for secure and integrated clinical messaging service

25 June 2018

While the widespread use of WhatsApp in the NHS shows that clinicians see value in technology, Dr...

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Beverley Bryant

Not going with the flow: Why we need to redesign clinical flow around patient needs using real-time information

6 June 2018

Take any successful manufacturing company, engineering firm or airport operator, they will have got...

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Beverley Bryant

Transforming services across STPs and ACOs for true population health. Beverley Bryant

24 April 2018

Momentum is fast building behind the use of digital technology to integrate care across whole...

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The cloud: a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in healthcare

9 April 2018

The 22nd January 2018 was a quietly defining moment for digital healthcare: NHS Digital released...

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Secure and safe messaging in the UK health market

1 December 2017

Most clinicians, whether in the UK or US, will tell you about the benefits of using instant...

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What’s up with communication in healthcare?

25 July 2017

High profile unauthorised data sharing can set us back years. We must all rise to the challenge of...

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Rising to the challenge of digital excellence

11 June 2017

At last - a national IT programme which is built on local collaboration between suppliers and the...

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Markus Bolton

Next generation shared care records

6 March 2017

The next generation of record sharing is underway, with cross-community care planning and team...

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