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Care Modules for Digital Patient Engagement

Our care modules suite sets out to transform the delivery of care and improve the quality of life for patients with, or at risk of long-term, complex or life-limiting conditions. This is achieved at the same time as delivering efficiency and cost-saving opportunities for care providers.

Care Modules for Digital Patient Engagement


Care modules provide end-to-end management of cohorts of patients, from identification of those at risk, remote assessment and monitoring, through to on-going care planning and discharge. The patient engagement solutions have a broad range of applications, including 

Creating a Digital Patient Engagement Platform


Using details held within the CareCentric Shared Care Record, clinicians are able to identify and target cohorts of patients who will benefit most. Depending on the use case, patients provide relevant information (e.g., blood pressure, oximetry readings, mood details, etc.) via PHR questionnaires and/or wearable devices in real-time to their care teams.

This information is then available to professionals to view via interactive dashboards which highlight changes using, for example, RAG ratings, so levels of care can be escalated as needed. From here, users can also drill down directly into the shared care record for a detailed, holistic view of the person. Individuals also benefit from receiving rules-based prompts, and further advice and support from their care teams.