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myCareCentric: Remote Monitoring for High Risk Pregnancies

Co-designed with an active clinical lead, care teams and patient representatives, the Pregnancy Monitoring care module enables pregnant women to be regularly and safely monitored remotely.

An app for high-risk pregnancy monitoring


Our easy-to-use app allows the woman to quickly record key findings, such as blood pressure, against personalised observation thresholds set by her clinical team. Her observations and accompanying comments are fed in real-time to a clinician’s caseload and monitoring view for review and action if needed.

Benefits of remote pregnancy monitoring

  • Observations and comments entered in the app are available immediately in the clinical portal
  • Personalised observation thresholds are determined and managed by the clinical teams
  • Complex clinical rules determine which parameters to use and actions to take, so the woman receives timely and accurate advice
  • Relevant information and contact details are activated by clinicians based on type of monitoring and booking location
  • Medication notes for hypertension and diabetes are shared with the woman via the app

High-risk pregnancy monitoring use case

In Greater Manchester, women identified as being at risk of pre-eclampsia are provided with free blood pressure monitors and an app to record their readings at home, without needing to attend hospital or clinic as frequently. 

Women with diabetes can access their treatment plan via the app and record their blood sugar readings in a quick and intuitive way.

Women receive immediate, tailored advice from their clinical team based upon their readings. The readings and comments can then be accessed by their midwives who can monitor them in real-time and start additional treatment and personalise their blood pressure thresholds if necessary. 

The app and clinical portal content was co-designed and reviewed with the help of the local care teams and highly engaged patients. The project is part of part of Health Innovation Manchester’s work in improving the detection of pre-eclampsia through adoption and spread of Placental Growth Factor (PlGF) - based testing.