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Remote Patient Monitoring Tools & ePROMs

Graphnet's remote monitoring solution enables patients to contribute to their care and supports patients who wish to remain in their own home.

The solution supports a wide range of use cases including respiratory, cardiac, diabetes, motor neurone disease, frailty, cancer symptom management, virtual wards, and post treatment monitoring.

ePROMs (Patient Recorded Outcome Measures)

The ability for patients to electronically report outcome measures (ePROMs), is vital to help improve care, monitor patients' progress and encourage shared decision-making.

As part of Graphnet’s remote monitoring capabilities, and to promote inclusivity, our medical device is easy to use and hold, and includes built-in cardiorespiratory monitoring functionality, for patients to capture and submit ECG and breathing rate. Information is then made available via the clinician's portal, which displays patient observations and monitors clinical threshold alerts.

The solution supports individual configuration of patient assessment questionnaires, either by patient or group of patients, through text messaging between clinician and patient. We can also include a video conferencing facility for remote consultations.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of users who are not tech-savvy, the  device also focuses on reducing digital inequality in healthcare, by supporting users who may face challenges related to ageing, including social isolation, cognitive impairment, or simply a deterioration in the ability to perform daily activities.

Our care monitoring solutions provide the tools for the health service to look after more patients and deliver better outcomes: clinicians' virtual productivity and capacity increase, whilst helping improve the quality of patients' lives.

For more information about our ePROMs offering, contact our team of specialists today.


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