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CareCentric: Business Intelligence in Healthcare

CareCentric BI enables integrated care record data to be made available for advanced analytics in near real-time.

Modular business intelligence software for healthcare

We strongly believe there is no such concept as a single analytics solution which fits the entirety of health and social care. Due to this our approach is to provide a highly configurable toolset which provides the following major functions:

  • Integrated Care Record data warehouse which includes granular SQL access to the row level data
  • Business Intelligence using Microsoft Power BI for the creation of dashboards, reports and ad hoc analysis which can be embedded into the CareCentric Integrated Care Record
  • Data Science platform to build and deploy algorithms

Our future vision includes developing advanced functionality for the integration of both population wide and disease specific artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical models and algorithms that have been validated by academic research.

Using Microsoft Azure to deliver healthcare BI solutions

CareCentric BI is a Microsoft Azure cloud based solution which is based in UK data centres. 

The data is replicated in real time to the Microsoft Azure based data lake which is a key part of the CareCentric healthcare business intelligence software. The data is then further processed into three separate Health data marts using Azure Data Factory:

  • Direct Care – Full patient identifiable data mart designed for use as part of direct patient care analytics.
  • Secondary uses – Pseudo anonymised patient data. Can be linked back to identify the patient with the correct security access.
  • Research – Enables analysis and sharing of the data for research purposes via delivery of a fully anonymised health data mart.

Customers can additionally import data into the solution using the standard Microsoft toolset.

Benefits of business intelligence software in healthcare:

  • Centralised data: Our CareCentric BI brings data from a wide variety of source to one place, allowing for cross service analysis and benchmarking. This also enables a centralised location and access point for all reports.
  • Events: The events timeline table creates a longitudinal record of all the key events for a patient. This can easily be utilised for aggregate statistics and for the creation of visualisations such as a patient Theograph.
  • Near real-time analytics: The whole analytics solution pulls together data in a combination of real time and near real time for the entire shared care record. This means operational dashboards, data science models and other analytics are timely enough to be used as decision support. 
  • Embedded analytics: The Microsoft Power BI data visualisations can be embedded into the shared care record workflows for use by care professionals without having to log onto yet another system. Major GP and Acute system suppliers already embed CareCentric within their clinical systems for seamless point of care access. 

Population health offers improved monitoring and reporting of Covid-19

We have been working with Frimley ICS and Berkshire West ICP in order to develop enhanced Covid-19 features in our Population Health solution, as part of their implementation of the CareCentric shared care record.

Patient groups can now be filtered interactively to identify and highlight cohorts to be monitored more closely i.e. Covid patients, those at risk from Covid, or those with other health conditions who might need flagging and monitoring. Further, a new Covid dashboard and data tables have been created which display the clinical codes GPs, Out of Hours providers, NHS 111 and acute hospitals are attributing to patients (using new GP codes from EMIS, Vision and TPP, plus acute ICD10 codes). This is an important operational tool, but also helps plan and highlight potential pressure points.