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National Immunisation Management System (NIMS)

NIMS is the IT software provided by the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance that supports the management of the influenza and Covid-19 vaccination programmes across England. It has been delivered in partnership with NHS South Central & West CSU.

NIMS supports almost every aspect of the national vaccination programme, from identifying prioritised patients to be vaccinated, through to recording vaccinations as they are given.

The system was commissioned for the enhanced winter flu programme in August 2020 ahead of the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

The national Covid-19 system went live at the beginning of December 2020. It processes vaccinations given at 1,500 vaccination sites and feeds the NHS data store which is used to inform vaccination centre operations.

NIMS is the National Immunisation System of Record and provides data for Public Health England, NHS England and at ministerial level. 

NIMS provides the following features:

  • A system to support the NHS SCW Immunisation Management Service, designed to improve immunisation uptake.
  • A single data store holding vaccination records for more than 60m people, in near real-time.
  • A call and recall service that can identify groups of eligible individuals according to age and clinical priority using the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) guidance. This service can use mail, email and text messaging and uses the latest patient and vaccination data to ensure that the eligible patients are called. It can also support the recall of people who have not taken up their offer of first or second dose.
  • A vaccination capture application called NIMS DC, which is used to capture details of vaccinations as they are given. This is one of three data capture applications integrated with the NIMS system. Vaccination sites can alternatively use Pinnacle from PharmOutcomes or NIVS from Arden and Gem CSU. Both of these also feed captured data back into the NIMS data store.
  • A reporting and analytics package which allows vaccination activity to be analysed in near real-time.
  • Dashboards for analytics to increase immunisation uptake and manage local vaccination programmes (see detail below).

NIMS vaccination dashboards

NIMS dashboards for reporting and analytics are currently used by 1,500 local professionals to manage local vaccination programmes. These are targeted dashboards for specific users in three main categories:

1) Vaccination centre dashboards
which track progress at individual centres so that they can manage throughput and plan. 

2) A local dashboard
to monitor and plan vaccination uptake across a local care community. This supports targeting of vaccination services in local areas ranging from groups of GP practices through to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and entire Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) covering millions of people. 

3) Health and social care employer dashboards which help NHS Trusts and local authorities manage vaccination programmes for their staff.

Integrate other services with the National Immunisations Management System

This system is based on System C and Graphnet’s shared record data integration technology, population health system and CarePlus specialist software for managing child health and immunisation programmes.

The Care Alliance also supplies an ‘immunisation status’ API which allows all applications which capture data at the point of care, and a number of local and national booking services, to integrate with NIMS. 

For more information on how Graphnet is supporting the response to Covid-19, click here


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