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GP Connect

Graphnet has developed an interface to GP Connect and is in the process of being accredited by NHS Digital. We can now make this new and exciting development available in your Shared Care Record.

What does GP Connect do?

GP Connect supports Graphnet users to access a real-time view of a patient's GP record, even when that patient is registered with a GP practice outside of the ICB and, as such, does not have a record on the local CareCentric Shared Care Record.

The patient in question must be registered on one of the existing source systems that feed the Shared Care Record in your ICB/region, although that would happen with most new encounters.

One example of this is where a patient that is admitted to Accident & Emergency or an Urgent Treatment Centre and registered on their system (where that system is connected to the Shared Record).

GP Connect Workflow

“GP Connect helps clinicians gain access to GP patient records during interactions away from a patient’s registered practice and makes their medical information available to appropriate health and social care professionals when and where they need it, to support the patient’s direct care.

From a privacy, confidentiality and data protection perspective, GP Connect provides a method of secure information transfer and reduces the need to use less secure or less efficient methods of transferring information, such as email or telephone.” NHSE [1]


Graphnet has connected to the GP Connect Access Record Service. At this time we are not offering
GP Connect Send Document functionality or access to the Appointment Management Service.

GP Connect: Access record

GP Connect: Access Record allows authorised clinicians to access GP patient records held on their practice system. Access Record has two methods of retrieving information:

1. Access Record: HTML enables a read only view of a patient record which can be viewed within another care setting via
an accredited system or application. The way this information is displayed is controlled by NHSE.

2. In the future, Graphnet hopes to develop the GP Connect integration further to enable the structured data format. This will provide more flexibility in terms of the user experience (UX) and ability to structure data in the record more efficiently.

To get started with our GP Connect offering, contact our team today for more information.