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Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Software

System C, our partner in the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, specialises in providing health and social care solutions which allow for the integration of services across whole care communities. Working across the care system, System C’s offering includes an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

About CareFLow EPR System

System C’s CareFlow EPR software provides advanced clinical systems such as prescribing, care planning, contact management, care co-ordination and e-observations.  Its Patient Flow solution offers a live, distributed control network that helps operational and clinical teams manage patient flow in real time.  CareFlow is a cloud and mobile-enabled electronic patient record system and a platform for hospitals to transform their services digitally. It provides clinicians with the intuitive digital workflows, decision support and care planning capabilities they need, extending out beyond the confines of the hospital to integrate with the wider care economy.  Because CareFlow can be deployed in a modular way, it has the flexibility to fit in with local priorities - whatever the existing level of digital maturity. At the same time, it provides the power and capability to deliver wholesale service transformation.

An EPR system that supports integrated care

System C works closely with partners across the NHS, Integrated Care Systems and social services to integrate care and deliver digital transformation.  For example, CareFlow EPR software users can reach beyond the hospital setting with single-click access to information stored about patients, brought together by external health and care providers, using CareCentric.  CareCentric’s record-sharing solutions can be embedded directly in CareFlow, giving acute users direct access to records held across the care community. Having access to a fuller care record allows clinicians to make better informed decisions, promoting improved clinical outcomes.

Support patients across care settings

In addition, by integrating the Liquidlogic social care system with CareFlow EPR, admission and discharge notices are sent directly into the social care workflow in real-time. This helps ensure that discharge processes are managed efficiently and that individuals are well supported as they move between care settings.


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