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Benefits for care professionals

  • Access to richer, integrated care records. Patient contributed data, whether entered, or from wearables, or other third-party Apps, is made available to view in real-time alongside the information available from care community systems providing a single, unified record.
  • Remote monitoring and management of cohorts of patients releases more time to care and the ability to provide care when needed
  • Set alerts for pre-defined events, e.g., when a patient presents for an unscheduled admission a CareFlow Connect notification can be triggered.
  • Proactive, fast decisions help enable appropriate treatment, reduce length of stay, or avoid unnecessary admission.
  • Involve patients actively in the management of their condition, in order to help keep them healthier longer or contribute to a successful recovery. 

Benefits for service users

  • myCareCentric engages individuals as a proactive partner in their own care process. They are able to participate in, and control, their care management to fit better with their own wishes and individual needs.
  • Links to health education information that aims to encourage and assist in maintaining compliance with the individuals care pathway.
  • Assessment against their personal targets.
  • Responsive care, provided when it is needed rather than according to a pre-arranged cycle of appointments and check-ups.
  • Security and quality of life improvements associated with having mobile, real-time electronic care support.


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